1. lmao, he kind of looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger…

  2. McBama and OCain 🙂

  3. Great one!!

  4. LOL, I don’t know why but this is very funny!

  5. Trouble is folks that think they know humans will wax on about’white’ ethnics but be totally naive about non-white ones. Barack Obama is, as every Kenyan knows, a Nilotic. A man from the Nile River which flows through much of East Africa, specifically the Blue Nile which descends from the East African Rift Valleys. As for McCain, paint him any color and it will all be nonsense. The VNQQDD (Viet-Cong/NVA) fried his brain.Nilotics used to rule Egypt. Taharqa of the XXV Dynasty (700BC) and his ancestors and descendants ruled Egypt for over a hundred years, and is the reason we have Judaism and Christianity at all. He stopped Sennacherib’s Assyrian Army cold and sent it packing back to Assyria, giving time for Judaism to take hold in the middle east.

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