No Fear Kitty

Look at how incredibly cool my pets are around my wheelchair?









Yup, what can I say? My cats are cooler around me more than most humans. They’re totally disability desensitized! Sure, it helps that they’ve only know their Master to be yours truly, Tiffiny the Quad, their entire lives…but I’m still impressed. They never run from my tankesque powerchair in fear everytime I come around the corner. In fact, they run to me instead.

Yup, little Miss Pixie loves me.

– Tiff

  1. Your cat is so pretty! Nice pussy, Tiff 😛

    My cats are used to my chair too- granted, it’s not as big and there’s no scary noises, but they’re good at getting out of the way and keeping their tails safe! At other people’s houses I have to be careful and shoo kitties out of my way.

  2. Aw thx! I’ll pass on the compliments to Pixie for you 🙂

  3. Oh yeah kitties rock, Pixie has cool colors, i like the one sink pic you have too:)

  4. Kids are the same way, my neice thinks nothing of my chair. When she was a baby i used to push her around on my lap all the time and it’s still one of her favorite places to sit now that she’s six! 🙂

  5. Very pretty cat!!

    Have to say one of my cats doesn’t discriminate either, she pretty much runs from everything “scary” 😉

  6. My cat Tiger is always in my chair when I’m not. He loves the cushion!

  7. yeah, gotta adore the felines 😀

    abe, ill try to get more “cat in sink” pics for ya. only problem, pixie can barely fit in the sink anymore!

  8. Grin 😉 When has the “doesn’t really fit” ever stopped a cat before?

  9. We love her and she loves us, but our 2yo siamese still has no clue that she should avoid me in motion. I’ve crunched her or her tail countless times and, since I have no sensation of it, I can’t tell right away why she’s shrieking, so I can move. (Sorry, Pearl. Thanks for not holding a grudge.)

  10. omgz corien that cat stuffed in that box is so cuuuute.

  11. Yup! Few airholes and stamps and she’s ready for shipping 😉 jk.
    This is my “No Fear” picture of my other cat by the way. I can kinda see why the kids next door are a little scared of him.
    And the last cat pic I’ll bore you with, classic Lizzy asleep outside my window with her head on the ledge.

    By the way, is Pix a Main Coone? I love it when they’ve got a bit more nose than my flatfaced furkids :), but I do like the persian “always talking back, very gentle” character thing they both have, and long fur just is pretty 🙂

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