1. Jerry. It’s 100% curable.

  2. I love their “No pity” campaign also!

    Did you know that there is another anti-pity campaign going on right now? This one involves protesting a humanitarian award that is being given to Jerry Lewis for his work in promoting pity and negative, stereotyped attitudes toward people with disabilities. (Okay, that’s not what they say, I’m sure they think the award is for his work in raising money for charity. But that’s how it is in practice.)

    More than 400 people so far has signed a petition about it at:


    And there is a Facebook group dedicated to the campaign at:


    I’ve blogged the petition, along with a discussion of the difference between “pity” and “empathy”; why Jerry’s brand of pity destroys; and why real empathy is more likely to lead to human rights, at


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