Anyone who spends nearly $5k on a pair of pumps needs to be shot.

Christian Louboutin Simple Croc Pump: $4,645.

What’s with the ridiculous price, Christian? Was the croc killed to make these the famous croc from Romancing the Stone or something?

I get my sexy pumps from Target, thank you very much. Like these babies. And they’re only $29.99! They may not be real croc and they may not last 50 years, but do I really need them to? I get sick of most shoes after a few years anyways.

PS. Even if I had the money I would never waste it on shoes this expensive. I’d rather go to Paris for a week, which you could easily do for $5k.

  1. The Target ones are just as cute! And I’m with you, even if I was super wealthy I wouldn’t waste 5K on a pair of shoes, ($500 maybe 😉 but not 5K).

  2. absolutely! i can reason $500, but $5k? sheer retardation.

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