And So It Begins

Look! Obama’s only been President for 2 days and look how science is already moving forward: FDA approves embryonic stem cell study

The FDA was able to finally approve Geron Corporation’s embryonic stem cell human trials yesterday, which have been on hold for years thanks to Georgey boy’s influence over the FDA. Being that his administration banned Federal funding of embryonic stem cells in 2001, other governmental offices were also influenced in all viscinities of embryonic stem cell research, whether it was known publically or not.

But not anymore! With Obama as president governmental offices like the FDA can now decide freely.

So very soon, a lucky 8-10 acute injured people will be getting embryonic stem-cells injected into their injury sites. They’ll be closely monitored (duh)….and I’m sure crazy awesome things will happen. Will they be fully healed? Nope (at least that’s my guess). But if they even get their pinky movement back that’s something.

When I attended the World Stem Cell Summit last fall, every researcher there stressed how vital embryonic stem cell research is compared to adult stem cell research. Embryonic stem cells, they say, hold the most promise.

People like me, the “dinosaurs” of the SCI population (I’ve been paralyzed since 1993), cannot be involved in the study due the scar tissue that’s formed over the years. A little FYI for ya: Even though it hinders any possible neve regeneration, our human bodies are programmed to put scar tissue around the damaged area of the fragile spinal cord. Getting the scar tissue off it so the stem cells can get to it? Yeah, not easy.

I’ll be following this study like a hawk. Look for updates as they’re released from Geron.

Yay science!

– Tiff

  1. You know, that is the frustrating thing. I mean, I am glad that people that sustain SCI’s in the future will benefit from the research, but I’m kind of like, hey! what about us?!? And I’ve only had my injury since 2004.

    Anyone that has any sort of titanium rods stabilizing their spine, have your rods ever moved?

  2. I have a plate in my neck and luckily it has never moved.

    I see your point though, Jo. You gotta remember that you, and me, have loads of scar tissue that’s in the way. Once they can figure out how to safely remove it however, THEN I imagine people with longterm injuries are in like flynn.

  3. I never knew that about the scar tissue. Weird, but makes sense. I’m so pleased this study is happening, and so fast! Here’s hoping awesome things are to come.

  4. yup. it’s kinda nice to know what’s happening in your own neck/back 🙂

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