Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

My PCA’s are back, the holidays are over, school is back in session…

2009 has officially begun. I am so glad things are back to normal.

Things in the disability world are pretty quiet right now, so not much to blog about these days. The only news I can think of:

– Johnson & Johnson announced they will no longer be selling the iBot in the USA this year (low sales. bummer).

– States across the nation are facing budget deficits and looking to cut programs (with disabled people crossing their fingers that the cuts won’t dramatically affect them).

– And people everywhere rooting for stem-cell research are waiting with bated breath, hoping Barack Obama will reverse Bush’s veritable stem-cell ban. Hopefully in February we’ll see this happen!

Ok, that’s all I gotta say for today. Now it’s your turn: Comment, amuse me, tell me something interesting, people!

– Tiff

  1. I have nothing amusing to share (presently), but would like to sincerely thank you for keeping this website up. I thank you for more smiles than can be counted. <3

  2. My hope for the new year is that here in Florida they will stop giving out disabled parking permits to every over weight, scooter riding old person so I can find a f#$%ing parking spot anywhere down here! Just venting, thanks for listening!

  3. Amy, legitmate concern to be sure! Just start double parking in regular spaces (do you use a ramp?).

  4. Hello everyone iv been busy being a mom I can’t believe my daughter is 3 month old I hate when people think whoever hold my daughter next to me think that person is mother when I tell people that’s my
    Daughter people give me this look like I’m joking. Anyway I hope everyone have a good year take care Lisa

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