While watching CNN this past weekend, I was inundated with a wacky commercial for EZ-Combs, the latest hair accessory to be peddled on TV infomercials.

At first glace I wanted to vomit. It looks pretty fugly. Am I right or am I right? But then they started to demonstrate how you use it, and then I realized me – a woman without any finger control – might be able to use it on my own.

It looks simple enough: Insert one side, stretch it and pull it to the other side of your head, then insert the other comb. Sure, it may look ugly, but being able to put my hair up on my own on a sweltering summer day? Priceless.

I can always put a bandana over the whole EZ-Comb emsemble anyways.

Has any quad-ess used this baby yet?

– Tiff

  1. Doesn’t look to quad friendly me but I’d try it.

  2. Did you watch the video on their site? Check the out and you’ll see what I mean. Fine dexterity isn’t required, unlike binders.

  3. Sure looks easier than trying to squeeze a hair clip AND hold the hair at the same time. Plus, you don’t have the clip holder banging the back of your headrest.

  4. ok, so, they also sell these on QVC, and I have to tell you, I had my mom buy me some. They are actually pretty cute. The ones on QVC look better to me than the ones up in that pic. The ones I have are black with glossy beads and the other is a cool metallic silver. And they are SUPER easy to use, and stay in your hair. Now, I am not a quad, but I think they would be easy enough to use, and they stay in your hair really well.

  5. yes i did and it looked like a 2 hand job, so to speak.

  6. I haven’t used these, but with a lot of practice and a lot of teeth grinding I can use regular hair ties to put my hair up with as long as they are not thin and are really stretchy. I pull my hair back and twist it a bit so it stays together then I pull the elastic off my wrist with a finger or thumb or whatever happens to hook it with the opposite hand and continue hooking fingers in it and twisting it around to wrap it around again.

  7. Anymore hair tips for quads, Tiff?
    I have of course bought the hair dryer stand and attached a u-cuff to my round brush, this has helped with styling. Er, somewhat. I’d also like to be able to tie up a ponytail.
    I’m desperate for advice/tutorial/hair accessories.
    I used to have hair do’s. Now I just have hair-doo-doo’s.

  8. Hey Dani…well there’s not much more a C5-6 quad can use tool-wise to put your hair up on your own. Other than head bands and being able to put bobby pins on my own, and using baby powder to keep it looking non-greasy and hair wax to mold it nicely…

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