Fun Game!

Which Jonas brother will eventually come out as gay, and then move onto a huge solo career? #1: Joe, #2: Nick , or #3: Kevin?

You know at least one of them has to be gay. This is the entertainment industry, people!

My guess is #1 (the furthest to the left) . Joe is the 19 year old who broke Taylor Swift’s little ‘ol country girl heart. See, totally gay!

Your turn!

– Tiff

  1. Hmm…all of the above!

  2. ALL!? nah, not the one on the right (unless he turns out to be a “bear”).

  3. numero uno! DUH… MY GAy-dAr is totallly RIGHT”

  4. I got a haircut yesterday and my gay stylist agrees with ya, its gotta be Joe!

  5. the kid with the well- kept brows gets my vote for closet dweller.

    p.s. idda ditched taylor swift too. better yet, never got with her to start!!!! >:)

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