1. Honestly, I’m pretty neutral on the balloon design. I’m not put off by it, but it also doesn’t give me hard on. The fact that the balloon is accessible gives me very positive feelings about it.

    I saw on the Wheelchair Junkie website that Mark E. Smith got the universal disability symbol tattooed on his arm. That I find a bit off-putting. I’m not a huge fan of tattoos, but not vehemently opposed to them either. Getting the stick figure wheelchair dude tattooed on your arm seems like a regrettable choice.

    I’d really like to ride in the balloon. I thought that he was having problems with sponsors and was unable to bring the balloon to different parts of the country. Hopefully he can bring it to more people in different locations so I can get a chance to ride it.

  2. I reaaaaally want a ride too. Hmph.

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