1. As a Wisconsin born Packer fan and former Minneapolis resident I agree completely. Although, now that I live in Milwaukee I think a drive up to Lambeau is in order for his ‘homecoming’.

    “The Hamlet of Hattiesburg”

    PS I wish they would change his Wranglers ad from that green ‘n gold T-shirt. Can’t they computer animate some purple there instead? Since he’s the purple’s problem now? 😛

  2. Well, it’s not like they went out and signed Michael Vick like the Eagles decided to do. If I were a Vikings fan, I would not think a Super Bowl win with Favre would cheapen it. It’s not like the Vikings have won a bunch of Super Bowls, or even one for that matter. I’d be thrilled that they finally won one.

  3. no way craig! a win with a villian is not a win 🙂

  4. Well, if you are coming from it as a Vikings fan, I can see why it would leave you conflicted if the star player from your most hated rival comes to quarterback your team. But believe me, if the Vikings win a Super Bowl with Favre, you’ll feel totally different. It’s not like he’s totally evil or anything like that.

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