1. Doesn’t look like it would be comfortable to be on the receiving end of that thing.

  2. Well, they claim it’s “unnoticeable,” but I think they might mean that in the same way a pap smear is barely noticeable :/

  3. Good sex is about so much more than penetration with a hard penis.

  4. Yes,
    It works perfect! You do not understand feeling of a man with soft penis – it’s a death sentence. Erektor is smooth and very comfortable. Ladies enjoy sex much more when guy has it on, because they can use guys after ejaculation as a dildo. It’s up as long as girls wants. See the demo on http://www.erektorforlife.com.
    I love it!

  5. Yes, it works! Erection is hard and lasts as long as I want. My girl goes crazy and she told that sex with erektor is much much better because my penis never get soft! she can use any position and rides as a horse and it never get lost! the best part I can put it on any time she wants and as long as she wants. We use a lubricant, because after 30 min she get a little dry, but she is a sex addict and wants more and more and lubricant helps a lot and no friking pills.

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