Best music video ever? YES.

Lady Gaga’s latest music video (it came out 3 days ago and has over 6 million hit already), “Bad Romance,” is pretty much the best music video ever made. It’s freaky, a bit scary, HIGH FASHION and sexy as hell. Look for the hot guys with the metal on their faces and Lady Gaga’s fabulous retro ’80s look in the red number. HAWT. I seriously can’t stop watching it.

  1. I have to agree it is so freakin weird that I love it. I want her to be my stylist! LOL

  2. The video isn’t too weird once you know what it’s about. It takes place in a Russian bath house and Lady G is being auctioned off as a sex slave (this actually happens in RL in real Russian bathhouses).

    In the beginning she and the slaves are “coming to life,” crawling out of their pods and sniffing about. And then it progresses to the auctioning scene, where we find the Russian gangsters watching Lady G shake her thing as the bets go higher and higher (shown on the laptops).

    And the ending is by far the best part 🙂 Instead of sleeping with the gangster who bought her, she burns him alive with her flaming tits. Brilliant!

  3. Oh, and the super skinny scenes of Lady G are photoshopped, making a point at how these sex slaves are starved to the liking (body-wise) of the mobsters.

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