Should this blog be discussing Glee?

Yes, no, is it worth mentioning that a character with a disability is getting some major attention over at FOX? What say you? I haven’t gotten into the show myself. What can I say, show choir never appealed to me.

– Tiff

  1. Well I havnt seen it but I can say “The Ex” was worth watching have you seen that where the guy milks life pretending hes in a chair n cant walk. Thatd be a fun discussion.

  2. I don’t get Fox and had never heard of Glee until last week, but I read these folks talking about it ([1], [2]) and the consensus was that the wheelchair episode sucked. (I said ‘folks’ rather than women because of the slapdown I received in this discussion; I asked a blind friend of mine, and she — and she is definitely a woman — agreed with me.)

  3. There’s also a character that uses a wheelchair on the show “Private Practice” on ABC

  4. So “The Ex” and “Private Practice” both contain chair-users? Very cool. I need to watch them! Were they portrayed pretty accurately?

  5. The British medical drama Holby City had a SCI storyline involving one of the nurses named Maria. (HC is a spin-off of Casualty, which is kind of like ER but goes back to the 1980s.) I can’t remember how she broke her back, but in the first episode I noticed her in, she was flat on her back in bed. Basically she went from that state to hauling herself up on the parallel bars (after a heart-to-heart with a young woman just about to die from cancer) to walking as if nothing had happened in four (weekly) episodes. I mentioned this to my sis who said “there you go, that’s the nursing profession” (she is a student nurse). But I guess it would have been a less tragic way of offering her a route out of the series.

    Talking of nursing, I listened to your interview with Britany LaGasse on NFR – I saw a YouTube video which had been made around the time she was still in the “home” after her mother had died, and so when I looked through your NFR index I homed, so to speak, in on that one. I read that she was in a nursing home sharing a room with two or three elderly people; what a horrible thing for a 22-year-old! I was so glad to hear that she’d got out of that place.

    Aren’t there specialist homes for physically disabled people over there? We do here in the UK (the Leonard Cheshire homes are the best known). Some nursing homes for the elderly in the UK are pretty grotty and the “nurses” are rushed off their feet, underpaid and don’t speak good English. It must be pretty awful being the only young person, and the only person who speaks English and isn’t at death’s door or afflicted with dementia, in the whole house.

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