1. I havent seen the movie yet but he is a HOTTIE!

  2. Hey, does anyone know what is the model and making of the wheelchair used in the movie? I would really appreciate the info. Thanks

  3. Josy, sorry but I don’t. All I could tell is that it was a low back titanium chair in yellow. Maybe you can contact the studio?

  4. Josy-
    Just saw movie today. Not positive but I think the chair is made by Colours Wheelchairs in the L.A. area.

  5. gotta love colours!

  6. Hey Tiff! I thought maybe you would have something on your website about this movie…and am interested if you have seen it yet? I saw it the weekend it came out and thought they did an amazing job portraying a man in a wheelchair (his movements, mannerisms, attitude, etc.). I was torn with how it ended, but don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Hope your well…Miss you!!!!!

  7. Hey Hill!

    I haven’t seen it yet, but my PCA did and she said the portayal was pretty good, except for a melodramatic part where Jake gets all serious and offended when Sigourney Weaver’s character asks if he needs help lifting his legs into the copter.

    I can’t wait to see it though. It’ll be my first 3D experience!

  8. If it’s titanium, it’s almost certainly not a Colours chair. A female friend of mine (a C6-complete quad) told me that she considered a Spazz when it came to getting a second chair a couple of years ago, but she decided against them because they don’t do titanium ones, only aluminium. She got a Top End Crossfire instead.

  9. “James Cameron worked on “Avatar” for over a decade. That makes sense. It takes a long time to create the technology needed and to completely RIP OFF Disney’s “Pocahontas.” Sure moves borrow from movies all the time, but c’mon James, “Avatar” might as well be “Pocahontas In Space.” -HUFFINGTONPOST/COMEDY

    A $500M+ budget for hammy dialog that’s been used hundreds of times before- “Your not in Kansas anymore!” Oh really I thought… pondering a second or two then scratching my chin… “Ahhh, We’re in Pandora’s Box then!”

    For a quick mill you’d at least think Cameron could of spent some of that dough on a brand new flying 2154 model-year wheelchair (uh-scratch wheelchair… FlyingLaserChair!) But no, in the year 2154 we are in worse plight than today. We’re still rolling around in one hundred forty-five year-old manual wheelchairs from model-year 2009, YIKES! Squeak…Squeak…Squeak!

  10. the movie is great and i agree Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) is a HOTTIE!!!

  11. im an ozzie girl who loves sam from bootmen and even more so for avatar now! awesome movies! my dads a para and i agree with the actors portraying wheelchair life- but HOW did they do it? how are his legs so skinny?wat did he hav to do for the part!!??

  12. Who cares about his chair…tell me how Ican get me an Avatar! 😉

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