It’s the last season of Lost, and Sawyer’s jumping off a cliff?

I’ll admit I fell in love with Lost late in the game. Thanks to every episode available on (and because the show is really that addictive), I watched all four seasons last winter before the start of Season 5 (wheelchair-users need something to do here in Minnesota when the snow flies). And now, it’s crazy, but it’s in my Top 3 shows, (1) Six Feet Under, (2) Battlestar Galactica, and (3) Lost, with Lost knocking Sex & The City out of the Top 3.  

In honor of the last season of the show premiering next Tuesday (which is depressing as Hell btw, and I hope the the ending come May isn’t more Opium-induced visions from J.J. Abrams), here is the brand new smoking hot Davidoff Cool Water commercial starring the official heatthrob of Lost (NOT Jack) – Mr. “Sexy Pants” Josh Holloway.

I’m a Sawyer girl. What can I say.

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