Jake Sully wheelchair action figure gets razzed

Hey Mattel, your Jake Sully wheelchair action figure can stand, has shabby seams, and looks nothing like Sam Worthington. Is this the best you can do?
If this was an action figure of me I’d be pissed. Good thing Jake Sully is a fictional character, and has no access to lawyers.

– Tiff

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  1. It is, pardon the pun, a pretty lame wheelchair as well. Another reason it’s good that he’s fiction is that the seat of the chair is hard. It wouldn’t be to healthy to be sitting in it most of the day.

    A few months ago I was interviewed for a magazine about my own blog, and when the finished product came out, I picked it up off the shelf at Borders (now sadly closed) in London. I saw what I thought was me in a slightly more space-age but every bit as unhealthy wheelchair as Jake’s and thought that they’d assumed that because I’d written a few articles about disability issues, that I was a wheelchair user myself. It freaked me out a bit. (Turned out I’d confused it with another feature.)

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