How Do You Wear Your LegaWear?

This is the first entry in my new, Styling with LegaWear blog series, which is a partnership I’m doing with LegaWear (the Swedish adapted clothing company). It will be an ongoing stream of style entries, with a new outfit added each month. Each blog will feature a garment from LegaWear, and how it can be worked into a fabulous outfit idea. Each outfit will be seasonal, and I promise they’ll be easy-to-recreate (I‘ll try my best) and fashion-forward. Onward now to – The Urban Weekend look.
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  1. Looks great Tiff, I love bright colours under a dark jacket, really draws the eye in. I’m so for “standing out” from my black powerchair. As a standing person I loved dark colours, now I want to be noticed & not blend in. Love the neckline on the dress & the way it hangs at the front, I’ve got a few tops with a similar style & I find them really flattering & comfortable.

    I’ll use these posts for my fashion fix. Not buying anything new this year because I’m managing to lose some weight (finally listened to the nurses & started eating more & more regularly & lo & behold!). 🙂

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