Video: Was this supposed to be offensive?

MADD’s latest ad, starring a wheelchair-user.

I don’t know what’s worst – the weak way they portrayed the guy in the wheelchair or the music. I can tell you from 17 years of pretty much what that video insinuates (an injury from an accident), if my best friend hooked up with my ex-bf right after my injury, I’d be doing a lot more than sitting at the window and crying like a fool. MADD needs to figure out a way to get their message across without offending an entire population of people.

  1. This ad is actually from a year or two ago. It was shown on tv a few times here in Canada and MADD got a lot of heat from it. I don’t think they ever actually came straight out and apologized for it though. It’s very insensitive and offensive. I remember the first time I saw it on tv, I felt very uncomfortable and angry at MADD for resorting to such an insulting ad campaign.

  2. Good to know, Crystal! I can’t believe I didn’t know about this sooner…

  3. i’ve seen that ad before i think, WTF were they thinking.

  4. Do NOT like this ad!

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