How Do You Wear Your LegaWear: The White Jacket

For my August, How Do You Wear Your LegaWear blog, I’m highlighting the coolest piece of clothing currently in my closet (other than my reconstructed DARE t-shirt): My superfly white LegaWear jacket (get yours here), complete with a pimptastic PURPLE liner.

What do I love about this jacket other than it’s sheer Miami Vice awesomeness? For starters, since it’s custom-made, the sleeves are really long. And what I found surprising: Even though the fabric is sturdy and not very moveable, as long as the measurements are exact (which they were), a stretch in the fabric isn’t needed to still move fluidly and to remain comfortable for several hrs straight (which I was worried about). So score for that!

I also loved that the sleeves stayed in place if my arms were either straight or bent, and since the jacket length is considerably shortened (to make up for the length you lose when sitting), I was able to wear the jacket all day, with the only comfort issue being the stifling August heat (come on Minnesota WTF?). But still, I felt super badass, heat or no.

And while the color white may scream DANGER to chair-users out (especially if you push yourself), it’s still worth the stress. White can look so good (and on anyone). It pops, it draws attention in a good way, and it’s sexy as hell.

Uses? A white jacket is perfect for summertime (or snobby 1920’s yachting adventures), but it’s also perfect for accessorizing. You can use this jacket as a base and go crazy. Dress it up with a fitted black skirt, a polka dot silk shirt, and a fun skinny belt, or make it casual with a distressed jean skirt, a green relaxed tube top, and cork wedge heels. I wore it with a silk tan embellished tank, dark blue jeggings, gold hoop earrings, and cork wedge heels with white leather straps.

White jackets are a must for every stylish woman, and LegaWear’s version of this wardrobe staple makes it easy for any woman who uses a wheelchair to look just as white-hot as any jacket-laden chica on two legs.

Do I dare wear this jacket after Labor Day? Check back this Fall to find out.

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