What the Geron stem cell trials mean to a paralyzed girl me

If you’ve glanced at the news lately, it seems the time is nigh for a for a spinal cord injury (SCI) cure. What’s the world buzzing about? The FDA giving Geron (a bio-med corporation in California) the go-ahead to begin the first ever human trials in the United States using embryonic stem cells. Full article…

  1. Tiffany-

    I’m 59 and lost most of my hearing and most of the sight in one eye from a gymnastics accident in 1972. I don’t call myself disabled. Hardly.

    When I read your article I did not see a disabled person there either. You have more ABILITY than most.

    It IS people like you that make what they do at GERON worth while. I am not a doctor or scientist. I am an investor in GERON.

    I could not help my daughter with her learning disabilities. No one could. No one knew, really knew, what to do to help her. Like you and many others like you no one really knew what to do. Now all that may be changing because people cared enough to try and make it happen.

    I and 3 other folks started a school for kids with learning difficulties in Austin, Texas, called the Odysseey School. It was too late for my Daughter. She had already been”passed on & passed over”. But now,12 years later, Odyssey is flourishing with graduates now attending college.

    I guess my point is you, I and my daughter are no longer students. We pass on what we know, do what we can and give our time, talents and treasures to help others.

    That’s what it is all about.

    My daughter is now successfully working in a company in middle management. It is still very tough at times for her, but she finds her way just like you.

    Y’all are my heroes.

    May GOD be with you Tiffany.

    Bill Brandes

    1. Nice to meet you Bill! It’s great to hear from an investor! And your background story is touching. I wish your venture a great success!

      1. Thanks for writing.

        I had to join Facebook in order to send my message. I know, I know, I’m two decades behind the times.

        We live in Kerrvile, Texas. That’s just northwest of San Antonio. Where do you call home?

  2. Minneapolis! Born and bred 🙂

  3. […] Therapy, and yes, they’re taking a different path on the controversial stem cell issue (versus the other the current FDA trial using embryonic stem cells getting on the press coverage), and are hoping to prove to the world that adult stem cells are truly viable. Will they […]

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