9/4/10: Gaga on her wheelchair fans

In the September 2010 issue of Vanity Fair, Lady Gaga discusses her Little Rolling Monsters, ie, her adoring fans (me included!) who use wheelchairs, and her use of wheelchairs in her videos. And we have an excerpt just for you.  

”Do you think people don’t get your humor? The ‘Paparazzi’ video, which you did with director Jonas Akerlund, shows you on crutches and in a wheelchair. It’s certainly not politically correct, but I think it’s hilarious. Was that your intention?”

Of course it was. Listen– the intention of that video was to show the hilarity to which people will fame-whore themselves. It was playing with the idea that I knew my style was something that people were really admiring. So I thought, Well, what’s the most ridiculous thing that we could immortalize? Something not fashion at all and make it fashion. And I was looking at a lot of Helmut Newton books and photographs, and there were all these disabled women who looked fabulous. So I thought watching the celebrity fall apart for seven minutes and see what happens. The hilarity of the wheelchair being covered in diamonds.

“Did you get protests from organizations for the physically challenged?”

The blogger in her Gaga costume. Click for how she made it.

No, I had girls in wheelchairs crying to me at meet-and-greets, telling me that when they saw that video it changed their lives. And while my fascination with celebrity has almost left the building, I had this incredible fascination with how people love watching celebrities die; I wanted to know, what did they look like when they died? Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, JonBenet Ramsey… I think about all these dead girls, these blonde, dead icons. What did they look like when they died? So then I thought, Well, maybe if I show what I look like when I die, people won’t wonder. Maybe that’s what I want people to think I’ll look like when I die.

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