10/5/10: How I wear the LegaWear black jacket

How do you wear your LegaWear? Fall is in full force, so I decided to bring out my Lega black suit jacket. And you don’t have to wear it formally (I rarely do). For this look, I paired my black jacket with my Marilyn Monroe pink tee, a teal schoolgirl skirt, black leggings, black motorcycle boots, and my versatile black knit hat.

And I love how this jacket fits like a glove; and it should since it was custom-made. I still can’t get over the awesome length of the sleeves. I have crazy long arms and the sleeves hit my wrists at all times, even when my elbows are bent. This may seem insignificant, but subtle details like this make all the difference in seated-fashion. If you’re interested in buying a custom-made suit jacket from LegaWear, you can visit their site here.

LegaWear was founded by famous Swede David Lega, a Paralympian swimmer and wheelchair-user, who believes looking stylish is a universal right. I can’t recommend his clothing enough.


  2. Looks awsome Tiff!!!!

  3. You are gorgeous.
    It’s a shame that I’m old enough for you to hire me off craigslist.

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