1/11/11: Hi, this is my blog.

I always get “You don’t look like you should use a wheelchair,” but WTF does that mean?

People that say this statement are woefully ignorant, but I try not to get mad. I always tell these well-meaning souls that anyone can have a disability, become disabled at any point in life, and that doesn’t change one’s looks. Why should it?! You’re ugly if you’re ugly, not because a wheelchair enters the picture.

Why did I create this site? Simple. To let women and men with disabilities truly see that they’re just as awesome as anyone else, and that a life they’ll love is in reach. I was inspired by a woman by the name of Karen C. when I was 19, a paraplegic living her life exactly how she wanted to and she was amazing – sexy, had 3 kids, married worked a great job, drove a super dope car – and after that lightbulb moment of, Whoa life isn’t over after all, I created BeautyAbility.com so other women in my very same situation could also see the light and be excited about their future once again.

YOU ARE AMAZING. Don’t forget it 🙂 Read my full bio here

  1. Amen! And thank u.for voicing that buried though!

  2. I was talking to a colleague of mine, and he made the comment, “It doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with you.”

    I couldn’t help but chuckle as I replied, “Because there isn’t…”

  3. This is a great work Tiffiny. Keep it up.

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