1/18/11: Check this – Hip hop wheelchair dance troupe

A must-must-must see if you haven’t yet: The Colours ‘N’ Motion hip-hop wheelchair dance troupe. A trio of fearless females who are redefining dancing, transforming what wheelchairs are capable of.

Founded in 2003 by Auti Angel (a successful hip-hop dancer before her injury), they are spokesmodels for the very hip wheelchair company, Colours. The group performs at schools, hospitals, special functions, and even danced with Ludacris during in his performance at the first annual Vibe Awards. They also tried out for America’s Best Dance Crew, but major bummer didn’t get on the show.

The group’s current members are: Auti Angel, Mia Schaikewitz, and Chelsie Hill.

Colours ‘N’ Motion Facebook Fan Page

Colours ‘N’ Motion MySpace

And now without further ado, the Colours ‘N’ Motions dancers!

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  1. not trying to be mean but you weren’t even in time with each other…the choreography was really weak and it just didn’t look good. Sorry girls, I know you are much more capable of doing so much better than this

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