3/28/11: Podcast #72 – Coping and dating with quad Shawn Dean

In episode #72 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny talks with lawyer and single and looking quadriplegic, Shawn R. Dean. They discuss the nuances of coping with a life-changing injury, and Tiffiny tries to persuade Shawn to try a dating site.

Read Shawn’s blog: One Man’s Access or connect with Shawn on Facebook: Shawn R. Dean

Use the player below to hear the show (80 minute run time). No Free Rides is sponsored by EasyStand.com.

  1. That was really good! I thought there was no way I would listen to 120 minutes of podcast, but I did. I’ll have to check out your other podcasts.

    When I saw Tiff’s post on Facebook, I knew that I recognized Shawn from somewhere but I couldn’t place him… until I heard his voice. I met Shawn when he had an internship at Medtronic. Hi Shawn! Long time no see.

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi to Shawn and let Tiffiny know that she should keep up the good work.

    Oh, I especially liked the props you gave to Kurt W. and Karen Q… two awesome people.

  2. Hey, what’s up Joey. Long time. Thanks for checking out the podcast!

  3. Hey Joey! Glad you listened to the entire thing and loved it! Maybe I’ll have you on one day 🙂

  4. Great show as always Tiffiny…

  5. Almost a year later I wanted to point out that I am no longer single and looking. I met someone last May and we’ve been together for over 9 months now. You can read the details here if you want: http://www.onemansaccess.blogspot.com/2012/02/this-guys-update-on-dating-with.html

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