12/28/11: Podcast 81 – Jennifer Longdon, an advocate with heart

In episode #81 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny is joined by Jennifer Longdon, a fighter of a paraplegic who’s taking on everything from accessible realty and passe attitudes to disabilities to bringing diversity to Project Runway.

Jennifer Longdon is an amazing woman who found herself paralyzed after a shooting in 2004. She’s become a disability advocate since her injury and is the Chair of the Mayor of Phoenix’s Commission on Disability Issues and has become a blogger with a strong voice you simply must check out: Living Life From Butt Level: Where I Sit. She has also become a dynamic speaker, which you can see in this Ignite Phoenix video, which shows her on-stage talking frankly about life with a disability.

Tiffiny and Jen also talk about the search for a cocktail dress that can look great sitting down and the hiccups in using dressing rooms. Tiffiny also shares her top disability news of 2011 and her review of the new travel show featuring a disabled host, Rollin’ with Zach.

Use the player below to hear the show (58 minute run time). No Free Rides is sponsored by EasyStand.com.


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