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  1. I know WildKat (Kimberley Robbins) and she is currently trapped in a rehab unit in Newfoundland, after severe spasms caused her to injure herself in the bath and she was hospitalised last summer. She now has a Permobil chair (after months of trying to persuade rehab staff that using a powered wheelchair with a guide-dog is normal for blind people who need wheelchairs) and is struggling to get doctors there to refer her to a hospital outside the province who can operate to hopefully fix the spasms (which cause her repeated injury), as they have been refusing to do — they are planning to just put her in a nursing home. She is unlikely to ever be as independent as she was at the time these videos were made (which was early 2009).

    (I tried posting that on the SpinalPedia site, but it told me to “click back and type in the password”.)

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