Podcast #85: A vent? No big

In episode #85 of No Free Rides, we’re joined by Jenni Taylor, a positively fabulous woman from Minnesota, who’s a C1-C2 vent-dependent quadriplegic and the former Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2011. At 25, she’s had more deeper life experiences than anyone we’ve ever had on the show.

We talk about Jenni’s injury, her work as a motivational speaker, and possibly the most fun part of the show – her new 8 month relationship with another quadriplegic, Blake, who she met years ago after attending his benefit (after his injury). Tune in and hear some powerful, powerful stuff.

Tiffiny also talks about adaptive yoga teacher training weekend, which she just blogged about here

Use the player below to hear the show (37 minute run time). No Free Rides is sponsored by EasyStand.com. (view our show archive)


The Site That Breathes (Jenni’s blog)

  1. I was born with Spina Bifida and Polio and was doing yoga 25 years ago.

    Cheers from England,

  2. I was born with Spina Bifida and Polio and was into adaptive yoga nearly 25 years ago. It’s not a new idea.

    FIBBS x

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