Just say no to wall-scuff guilt

Wheelchairs and scuff marks. When they happen they always make you feel like the bad guy, especially when you’re visiting someone. Great, now they’ll really remember me.

But I’m so happy now. Now, instead of silently worrying how I can make amends with the homeowner as I silently sit there feeling guilty as I sip my wine, I can now whip out my Magic Eraser tool, this crazy awesome wall scuff-remover tool (from the company that makes the Mr. Clean products).  All you do is get it wet, then scrub the scuff a few times and it‘s gone (but not if you damaged the drywall).

When I came home from the hospital, my poor mother. I think she hated me. I completely decimated her walls all 7 inches up from the floor (footrest level). It kind of bothers me till this day that my aunt and uncles are more worried about me scuffing their walls than about greeting me when I first arrive at Christmas (move stuff out of the way!).

But the wheelchair…the wheelchair…they’re so bulky and Transformer-like. Smooth edges?  Yeah…none be found. Read this entry

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