Podcast #87: Reveca Torres – Fashionista, SCI Support Ring Leader

In Episode #87 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny talks yoga, fashion and the make-or-break importance of family and peer support when you have a spinal cord injury with the founder of Backbones (one of the best SCI support networks out there), Reveca Torres.

Reveca, 30, is a C5 quad from Portland, Oregon, who has an epic story, from breaking her neck in a car accident (while vacationing with family in Mexico) when she was just 15 to pursuing everything she’s wanted to do in her life (get a degree in fashion, found a non-profit)  since that day.

Tiffiny also talks about how she nearly had a heat stroke this past weekend (scary!) and how to prevent them, and why she’s completely obsessed with 3D after seeing Prometheus.

Use the player below to hear the show (51 minute run time). No Free Rides is sponsored by EasyStand (show archive)

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