Push Girls Episode 2 review: Watch Me

After a great intro on the four girls in Episode 1, the show gets deep and dirty.


“Once a dancer, always a dancer,” Auti says in the second episode of the series, after revealing her tragic injury story (on the night of her injury, she sold herself for $500 to a male friend to pay rent).

And Mia shares she might be too strong. “Sometimes I don’t think I have any tears left to cry.”

Gotta love Angela’s meditation sounds. Maybe it helps her deal with her paralysis? And in a scene at Tiphany and Angela’s house (they’re roommates), Tiphany transfers out of her chair onto a bench at the kitchen table to “look normal.” “Sometimes you just need to do that.” Yeah, I can relate to that.

Auti enters a ballroom competition with an able-bodied pro ballroom dancer that she worked with in Musical Chairs. “I want people to see you dance. Not be the girl in the wheelchair. “I want people to think you’re going to dance out of your chair.” After some intense practicing where he really pushes her, she had to figure out how to keep her legs strapped in with her husband’s help and has an understandable freak-out session when her straps don‘t cooperate. Been there. Loved that they showed that.

Her hubby Eric is so great; always calm under pressure (us girls in chairs should always have a guy with that kind of temperament). And at the competition, Auti and her partner end up winning 1st place in the show dance category. They looked insane. Wc-dancing on fire I swear. Also, really loved Auti’s glam competition dress. So glad the country gets to see this chick.

And Mia gets deep about her relationship with her bf of 2 years. They are on completely different pages when it comes to kids (really glad my boyfriend and I are on the same page). They meet at her place to talk, and sad….he breaks up with her. “I am who you want, but not what you want.”

I totally didn’t expect her boyfriend to be outtie (in regards to the show) that quick (and breaking up on a reality show? Stress). It’s never a good idea to try to change a guy though, even if you love him. Let him go, girl, and don’t look back. Mia is determined; she’ll have no problem finding a great guy who also wants kids.

So far, this show is showing some deeply important stuff: Challenging yourself, re-tooling your life’s passion and learning to say goodbye. Sure, it’s a reality show, so some conversations seem contrived………but overall? Love it.

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