Push Girls Episode 4 review: Hope Its Not Too Late

In this episode, Angela tries to teach herself to pain again and dols out some killer advice to the ladies. Meanwhile, Auti is stressing out about not being able to *stay* pregnant and visit’s a fertility doctor and Tiphany and her girlfriend Miyoko see some rough seas.


This episode had A LOT going on. Let’s start out with Angela, the quad of the group. She decides after 10 years to try to paint again. Watching her struggle holding a brush with quad hands was fascinating. It is not easy learning how to still use paralyzed fingers. Been there. But why did she wait 10 years?

Auti, the 42 year old paraplegic of the group, gets a lot of screen time in this episode. I love what she said about her husband Eric. “Some people are surprised to see an able-bodied man with a woman in a wheelchair, but I‘m spoiled; I like to be carried.”

And I love Auti’s dog Bats, a French Bulldog. She makes “rolling” a dog look so easy. But this episode is all about Auti and Eric trying to get pregnant. She reveals she had an abortion after her injury. “I would’ve had an 18 year old by now,” she cries.

Her mom died of cancer right after her injury and she was in a rough spot (hence the abortion). And now Auti and Eric are having a hard time getting pregnant, they’re worried (well Auti is) that she might be infertile.

Auti ends up getting some really good advice from Angela though during dinner (Auti has been able to get pregnant twice with her husband, but they just didn’t last). “Your playground is still there,” reassures Angela (could‘ve done without the episiomety talk though. ew). “You need to let go of your past,” Angela says. Guilt will always hurt you in the end. So true.

Auti and Eric’s visit a fertility doctor. They get her on the table (whoa she has guts to do that on TV) and they do an ultrasound to see if she still has any viable eggs left (that is so cool they can tell that way). And w00t! She has 11!

We also find out as the doctor interviews Auti (about her past physical history) that she was addicted to crack cocaine from 28 – 30. I commend her for being so forthright. Love the brutal real life honesty of this scene. Dealing with paralysis is never easy. We all flub up once in awhile.

In Tiphany’ world meanwhile, the sexy blonde paraplegic of the group, there is stress brewing with her girlfriend Miyoko (her first foray into lesbianism). Miyoko is a dear heart, but she helps Tiphany all the time. “When someone helps too much, it can be overbearing,” Tiphany admits. “Wheelchair-users value their independence.”

This is so true (and can kill a relationship too). Take it from our perspective: If our able-bodied partner helps too much, what does that mean about how they really look at us?. And side note, when they go bowling, why does Tiphany change into bowling shoes??

Tiphany, sadly, ends up breaking up with Miykoko (saw that coming). Miyoko cries (tear jerker of a scene) but says she understands Tiphany’s need for more personal space. “I want her to be happy. I wish it was with me, but you can’t force someone to feel a certain way.”

Her reaction was so beautiful and mature. But dang…two breakups so far on this show? And only 4 episodes in ( with 10 more to go)? Geesh. Let’s hope Auti and Eric make it through the series.

Tiphany says about breaking up with Miyoko. “People assume if you‘re in a wheelchair, you‘re not going to find someone who wants to stay with you and be with you forever, but I’m not settling.”

Have I said how awesome it is that this show is on?? Love, love, love, love, love.

Episode 5 premieres of Push Girls tonight 10pm EST on the Sundance Channel.

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