Push Girls Episode 5 review: How Did We Get Here

This episode really struck a chord with me.  It shows two of the girls, Tiphany and Mia, facing one of my greatest fears – speed dating. And Angela deals with the mixed feelings she’s having towards her husband, Dustin (who she’s separated from), who comes to visit her for a few days in LA.  I hate to say it, but Angela is starting to drive me crazy.


Episode 5 begins with Angela getting her hair washed at the kitchen sink. Her PCA/Auntie Judy says the most offensive thing about Angela (not to her face, but still), “She’s like a baby,“ as she talks about how important she feels it is for Angela to get back together with Dustin. WTF?

Tiphany and Mia, both freshly single, decide to go speed dating. The speed dating oordinator says, “I’ve never had any women in wheelchairs before, but if they (the men) don’t like them for who they are, then they don’t want them anyway.” Mia says about her chair before going in (re: being nervous), “I’ve been in a wheelchair for so long. I don’t even notice it anymore.”

Best part of the dating event: Tiphany having to suffer through a nerdy guy talking about how flat Long Island is. “That was a long 5 minutes,” she says. lol

And Mia meets a nice Jewish guy named Arik. “I knew you were Jewish because you got the Jewish humor thing going on,” she quips. There’s sparks. No one asks Mia about her wheelchair the entire time she’s there. “It’s hard to tell what that means though. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Meanwhile at Ang’s house, Dustin is coming home to visit, and Auntie Judy wants her to get back with him. “They’re an amazing couple,” she gushes. She is a bit overbearing for my taste. I think Angela needs a less dominant PCA.

As expected, Angela ends up feeling sparks once he comes back home. “Anything can happen.” Apparently he’s very zen-like (according to Tiphany), hence Ang’s inability to completely break it off.

So here’s the weird thing about Angela I just can’t take: She has Dustin lift her into bed like the good old days. Girrrrrl, never a good idea to let your man help you with your cares. It changes your roles silently and it can be deadly (no wonder things aren’t working out).

Mia ends up going on a date with Arik, who admits he’s never been on a date with a ‘physically handicapped’ person before (he tried lol). They go to a big arcade (a great date idea for a wc-user), where they play skee-ball and air hockey. Loved where Arik learns the “advantageous” move of also playing low (on his knees) to play air-hockey.” Mia ends up leaving the date unexcited. “I don’t know. I’m still looking,” she says.

“Passing the baton to Auntie Judy.” That is what Dustin says when he shows how Angela gets into her standing frame so Auntie Judy can learn how to help her. Couldn’t Angela verbalize this to Auntie herself? I liked how Angela explains the purpose of the stander so eloquently though (she has osteoporosis).

Auntie cries of course when she sees her stand (it was her first time seeing Ang stand). I must say, even though Dustin clearly did way too much when they were together, he does know what the hell he’s doing (like a ninja).

When they go out for Chinese, Angela opens up. “I have this feeling that we didn’t give ‘us’ our best shot.” He replies, “I don’t know what to tell you. It is what it is. You just got to move on.” Harsh….but someone had to say it.

Angela, listen up: I know you believe in one true love, but it is time to find a guy who adores you (and to make new memories with. Not reliving your ab-past with). So not healthy.

The greatest part of this episode however is when Angela finally lets Auntie Judy have it after she keeps pushing Angela on about Dustin (literally as he‘s leaving). “You’re making me feel weak.” “Stop acting like I can’t do anything without Dustin.” After she cools off, “Its time for me to move on,” she finally admits.

And then Dustin is gone, vamoose, jetting back to Vietnam, his booming career and girlfriend.

Summary: Angela, please get out there and meet a handsome hunk who will be completely into you, and this time go about it the right way (say no to him being your caregiver right away).

And Mia and Tiph, speed dating is cool and all, but you guys should totally throw a mixer party for your bad selves instead (a la Millionaire Matchmaker). Imagine the possibilities! (I can)

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