Why I Run My Site

I received a beautiful letter validating the very reason why I’ve been running this site, Beauty Ability, since 2003.

It came from the mother of a 17 year old girl who recently found my site. Having “up there” confidence and thinking you’re beautiful is never easy when you’re a teenager, let alone when you’re in a wheelchair.

Hi Tiffiny,

I found you through my daughter Leanne.  Leanne has Spina Bifida and uses a chair.  We live in the country and she is the only person here that uses a chair.  She has gone through all of her life with no true peers and now that she is 17 and watching the world go on around her it has been rough. 

She has not been able to see any positive in her life for some time.  Throughout each day I hear “I hate my life” more times than I can bear.  Throughout her life I have worked to find opportunities to introduce her to the disability community, without success. 

That is until she found your website!  She now seaches the internt for disability information for hours at a time.  We watched push girls together last night and she cried.  I believe they were tears of joy for seeing people like herself enjoying life. 

I suppose it is time for me to look for a way to move her from the country to a more urban area with sidewalks and opportunities to enjoy life!  Thank you for all that you contribute and thank you for helping bring a ray of hope into my daughter’s life again! 



I know just how lost her daughter Leanne felt.  I was in her shoes when I broke my neck at 14, and there was no Internet or awesome mentor to guide me (a la Push Girls)….

I am so thankful I can use my site to prevent as many young woman with disabilities from thinking negative things about themselves in any way shape or form. The internet truly can change lives.

We just need to put ourselves out there and try to help, and this letter will definitely keep me paying my hosting bill until the day I die.

– Tiffiny

  1. What a wonderful letter to receive!

  2. Made my year, my decade 🙂

  3. You truly are an inspiration to girls like us, I hope that you keep all of this up, it’s a wonder and something that all people need when we find ourselves in the turmoil of selfloathing due to curcomstance. Sticking together is the only way that we shall get through this and you are going to be the head of the lead. GREAT JOB!! =)

  4. I just found this site thanks to “Push Girls” and I will be around a lot more! Awesome job creating this site!
    I would like to comment on Wanda’s letter (which was awesome by the way). I am 38 and I lost my leg 12 years ago above the knee due to complications from spina bifida and my 3rd child was 1 1/2 at the time (yes, we can have kids). Life in a wheelchair was a bit more difficult to adjust to with children but ANYTHING is possible if you set your mind to it and stick it out. I am 5 months away from graduating with my Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology. Best of luck to you Leanne, never let a chair get you down!

  5. w00p janet!

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