Amazing paralyzed crotch rocket rider

It’s true, Brian Kinney, a T1 paraplegic from Ohio, broke his back riding his motorcycle. Call it sad, tragic, no question it was all of those things. But Brian still loved to ride.

So after coming home from the hospital, he decided to get back on the road – out on the same bike (a Kawasaki Ninja 650R) – only with few modifications this time around. And he recorded it for your viewing pleasure.

I was pretty amazed when I first saw his video.  I honestly never thought it was possible for someone paralyzed to ride a motorcycle with only two wheels. Never, never, never (does that make me naive? me?)

But apparently there are kits out there that not only put hand controls on your bike, but also install what‘s called “landing gear.” This is the key component to being able to ride independently if you can’t move your legs. Read this entry

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