Podcast 93: Sara Tabor – Ms. Sled hockey and new NYC resident

In podcast #93, Tiffiny is joined by Sara Tabor, a 30 something woman paralyzed 4 years ago in a bizarre accident, who’s went on to discover a new sport post-injury (where females are still the minority, but are recently gaining numbers) – sled hockey.

They talk about her injury to the very last section of the spinal cord (the cauda equina, a section of the cord a lot of people don’t know about) and how the incomplete nature of of her injury (being able to walk short distances) has affected her life.

They also talk about her big move this year from Minneapolis to New York City this year  (for romantic and career reasons) and figuring out the accessibility in this epic city, from successfully getting into the sort of accessible Michael Kors shop on 5th Avenue, to trying to find wc-friendly subway stations in Brooklyn and Queens (not easy!); the borough she’d love to move to next year.

How is she doing out there? Has she ran into crazy people on the subway (of course she has)? Tune in to our last show of 2012 to find out!

Listen below. Run time is 66 minutes.

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– Sara featured in a recent article in The New York Times (with great pics), In Sled Hockey, Slower Pace but Hard Shots and Hits

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