Halloween on Wheels

Halloween is upon us; one of my favorite times of year. And even if you don’t celebrate, you have to admit the holiday has some pretty cool elements – have a good time, be someone else for the day, scare a few people and eat candy. How awesome of a holiday is that?

And it seems everywhere I go, I always meet wheelchair-users who love Halloween.  Maybe it’s because it’s fun to be someone else because let’s face it, always being the “wheelchair person” gets old. Why not be a superhero or a rolling photo booth, instead of a medical contraption like it usually is?

If you love Halloween too, then you’ll love our four must-see Halloween videos below, showing everything from a wheelchair costumer’s point-of-view on being the “wheelchair version” of whatever character to a video of one of the best costumes I’ve seen yet for a wheelchair-user. Read this entry

Podcast #101 – Quadriplegic Poet Travis Laurence Naught

Our very first poet on the show, Tiffiny is joined by Travis Laurence Naught, author of the book The Virgin Journals, a memoir of his 20’s on the topics of sex and disability; a fascinating look at one man’s journey. Travis discusses his disability and living way past doctor’s expectations, how he got into poetry and the fine art of the poetry slam.

They also discuss the Dexter finale, Halloween costumes and a Dexter-inspired costume he made, as well as dating and learning to be ok with being single. Good stuff!

Listen via the player below.

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Show run time is 55 minutes.

Show Links

– His blog: Original Poetry, Stories & Updates by Travis Laurence Naught

– Purchase his book: The Virgin Journals