You Are Still You

While working for my main gig nowdays at, I came across this amazing lady is known as the Pretty Cripple. She is a beauty blogger from New York City and her style is crazy unique. I love it! I would say it’s “retro wheelchair fierce” and yes, she wins at life.

Check out her blog: Pretty Cripple

Ps. How are you doing? Have any crazy wheelchair stories to tell

– Tiffiny

SCI Superstar: Bert Burns

While he may be the founder and CEO of one of the largest urological supply companies in the United States, Bert Burns is not your regular businessmen with a spinal cord injury. Also a Paralympian, Bert carries on a passionate sports life outside of the office.

And that’s just the start of it. Also a motivational speaker, husband and father of twins, Bert’s accident infused in him not only the survival to live, but to live fully.

To learn how he was able to do that and much more, read on for the story of Bert Burns. Read this entry