Jessica Cox in front of an airplane, in a nicely tailored jacket.

Podcast 94: Jessica Cox – a motivational speaker, world’s only armless pilot

jessIn podcast 94, Tiffiny is joined by Jessica Cox, an amazing woman born without arms who’s done stunning things in life, including becoming the world’s first licensed pilot without arms and the only person with no arms to receive a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. And her film needs your support.

Podcast 93: Sara Tabor – Ms. Sled hockey and new NYC resident

In podcast #93, Tiffiny is joined by Sara Tabor, a 30 something woman paralyzed 4 years ago in a bizarre accident, who’s went on to discover a new sport post-injury (where females are still the minority, but are recently gaining numbers) – sled hockey.

Podcast 92: Damon Boiser – Mahalo is his middle name

In podcast 92, Tiffiny is joined by Damon Boiser, a lifelong resident of Hawaii, who was injured doing what he loves – surfing – 9 years ago.

They talk about Damon’s interesting (and sometimes tumultuous) journey to recovery on the Big Island (traveling there from Kauai).

And they discuss his discovery and love of three adrenaline-soaring sports that have helped fill the void that surfing left – skydiving, karate and Aikido.

He’s the first person to directly land in their wheelchair after a skydive in fact!

Podcast 91: Mariam Pare – beautiful, talented mouthpainter

In podcast 91, Tiffiny is joined by Mariam Pare, a hyper-talented quadriplegic and renowned mouth painter from Chi-town.

They talk about her art, how she’s able to paint so amazingly well with her mouth and why she chose her mouth over her hands as the way she paints (she’s a C6 injury).

They also gab about dating (oh my), fashion and various (better) self-cathing options.

Podcast 90: Rob Hodge – Paraplegic chef, dad and one cool dude

In podcast 90, Tiffiny is joined by Robert Hodge, paraplegic and head chef at Ambrosia Fine Dining and Nectar Lounge in Pennsylvania. Rob broke his back 10 years ago, and he’s refused to be shut out of the cooking world.

Podcast 89: Judith Smith – Artistic Director of AXIS Dance

In podcast 89, Tiffiny is joined by Judith Smith, the artistic director of AXIS Dance Company.

She is a C6 quad from a car accident in 1977 and moved on to a life of dance after her injury, much to her own surprise (she was into horse riding growing up, definitely not dance).

They discuss her journey, discovering the healing aspects of integrated dance, how AXIS was founded…

Podcast #88: Jeff Charlebois, Cali comedian goes country

In podcast #88 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny is joined by Jeff Charlebois, a quadriplegic copywriter turned comedian who’s performed at over 150 colleges.

Jeff is also a writer of several genres, including his latest dabble, country music song writing, and he shares his latest tune “Cougar Style” (oh yeah; a hilarious must listen).

Podcast #87: Reveca Torres – Fashionista, SCI Support Ring Leader

In Episode #87 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny talks yoga, fashion and the make-or-break importance of family and peer support when you have a spinal cord injury with the founder of Backbones (one of the best SCI support networks out there), Reveca Torres.

Podcast #85: A vent? No big

In episode #85 of No Free Rides, we’re joined by Jenni Taylor, a positively fabulous woman from Minnesota, who’s a C1-C2 vent-dependent quadriplegic and the former Ms. Wheelchair Minnesota 2011. At 25, she’s had more deeper life experiences than anyone we’ve ever had on the show.

We talk about Jenni’s injury, her work as a motivational speaker, and possibly the most fun part of the show – her new 8 month relationship with another quadriplegic, Blake, who she met years ago after attending his benefit (after his injury). Tune in and hear some powerful, powerful stuff.

Tiffiny also talks about adaptive yoga teacher training weekend, which she just blogged about here

Use the player below to hear the show (37 minute run time). No Free Rides is sponsored by (view our show archive)


The Site That Breathes (Jenni’s blog)

Podcast #84 – Joe Stone and reclaiming the mountain

In episode #84 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny interviews Joe Stone, a C7 quad injured while speed flying in Montana (where you parachute down a mountain on foot). Tiffiny and Joe discuss the importance of staying true to your passions despite a life-changing injury, as well as his documentary, Wings to Wheels.