SCI Superstar: Teri Thorson

Even though she was injured over 15 years ago, you can still see remnants of her “old life” just by looking at her. A former model and go-go dancer, Teri Thorson, a Canadian Paralympian, as well as a fashion designer and mother, is one of the toughest low quads you’ll ever meet.

She’s also not afraid to go deep and talk about how she was able to overcome her dark early days post-injury. A font of awesome advice, check out the story behind one of the strongest women to hail from Canada, Teri Thorson. Read this entry

Podcast #87: Reveca Torres – Fashionista, SCI Support Ring Leader

In Episode #87 of No Free Rides, Tiffiny talks yoga, fashion and the make-or-break importance of family and peer support when you have a spinal cord injury with the founder of Backbones (one of the best SCI support networks out there), Reveca Torres.

11/4/10: Arizona foundation empowering young women with disabilities with fashion, and Kelly Rowland

The Aurora Foundation is a non-profit after my heart. Their mission – “To empower young women with disabilities to access their inherent leadership capacities.”  Their sister foundation, disABLED DIVAZ, has an exciting fashion show coming up. They’ve also launched their first ever fashion design competition.

10/5/10: How I wear the LegaWear black jacket

How do you wear your LegaWear? Fall is in full force, so I decided to bring out my Lega black suit jacket. And you don’t have to wear it formally (I rarely do). For this look, I paired my black jacket with my Marilyn Monroe pink tee, a teal schoolgirl skirt, black leggings, black motorcycle boots, and my versatile black knit hat.

How Do You Wear Your LegaWear?

This is the first entry in my new, Styling with LegaWear blog series, which is a partnership I’m doing with LegaWear (the Swedish adapted clothing company). It will be an ongoing stream of style entries, with a new outfit added each month. Each blog will feature a garment from LegaWear, and how it can be worked into a fabulous outfit idea. Each outfit will be seasonal, and I promise they’ll be easy-to-recreate (I‘ll try my best) and fashion-forward. Onward now to – The Urban Weekend look.