SCI Superstar: Harry Horgan

Sailing calls out to many people, and it definitely called to Harry Horgan, founder of one of the most established sailing nonprofits in the country. What started as an adapted sailing program 30 years is now helping both people with disabilities and underprivileged children experience the beauty of the open water. Shake-A-Leg Miami has undoubtedly changed thousands of lives.

Also a husband, brother, as well as a father to a teenage boy who loves sailing just as much as he does, Harry is a seasoned paraplegic who is many faceted, but his compass will always remain pointed towards sailing. His upbringing on the East Coast near the water had a strong influence on him, making sailing one of his top passions. Read more

These Sailors Don’t Need Legs to Sail

If you have sturdy stomach and a sense of adventure, adapted sailing is one of the most thrilling sports to explore after an injury.

Peaceful, beautiful, and incredibly challenging, the para and quad sailors of the world can’t get enough of it. And it’s no wonder, there’s magic in them there waters.

And let’s not forget, adapted sailing is also an official Paralympic sport. You will find dedicated disabled yachtsmen and sailors all over the globe.

The sport truly has become an awesome fusion of ancient knowledge and modern technology. Check out our three videos showing some of the bravest sailors with spinal cord injuries we could find. Read this entry