Extreme Water Adventures with a Spinal Cord Injury

Gentle swimming with a therapist this post is not. You can leave your floaties and zen music at home. We’re profiling all of the extreme water activities people with spinal cord injuries can do, and even we were impressed. From “barefoot” water skiing to jet skiing, the water can be our playground.

And even better – the world is slowly realizing we are not fragile things. With the right equipment, we can do nearly any water activity able bodied people can do, it just may take a  bit more time.

Here are three videos we’ve uncovered that exemplify this beautifully. Read this entry

High H2O adrenaline: Adapted water skiing

Mustered up the you know what to try adapted water skiing yet?? Check out four insane videos documenting the sport from SPINALpedia!

An adapted/AB water skier pyramid (pictured), a paraplegic showing off on Okanagan Lake in British Columbia, and a first-person perspective going off a jump. Read this entry