SPINALpedia Back to School Video Challenge!


Want to earn some back to school cash? SPINALpedia.com, a social mentoring network and video archive, wants to assist those with spinal cord injuries going back to school and we need your help.

If you have the ability to create a video (your cell phone is just fine) and have advice to give on the topic of going to school with a spinal cord injury, we’d love to hear from you!

Anything you would like to share ranging from how you take notes in class and what accommodations you request and/or receive to how you make it to and from school and what’s it like living on a college campus and/or dorm room, to even what software programs and technology you use, you can share any and all school-related advice.

Winners will be announced next Friday and the deadline is Sept. 16th! First place wins $100, Second place wins $50 & Third place wins $25.

To submit your video: Please upload it to YouTube and send us the link of your fabulous video either to spinalpedia@gmail.com or via our Facebook page.

All videos will be judged on the following criteria. In no particular order:

– How engaging is the person in the video/ability to connect with the audience?

– Is the video easy to view (lighting)?

– If explaining a task, is it given in clear step-by-step instructions?

– Is the video easy to follow?

– How clear is the audio?

– Is the picture clear and steady?

– How creative is the video?

Good Luck! And remember, everything we do is to help those with new injuries. Join our mission – SPINALpedia.com