Peaches makes best of bad situation, performs kinky “Wheelchair Show”

Unless you’re a fan of the indie electronic & hip-hop scene, or a member of the GLBT community, you may have never heard of Peaches before.


This 43 year old electronic musician from Toronto, Canada (with a penchant for svelte trannies and naughty lyrics <3) twisted her ankle stage diving at a show in Portugal last month. She Twittered, “i twisted my ankle at the beginning of the show last night in porto but still walked on people, scaled the rail and stage dove. adrenaline.”

And since Peaches (site) is a top-tier member of the bad ass club, she’s not hiding in some posh hotel somewhere, waiting to get better; no. She’s FIERCE and 43, and doesn’t give a shit if she’s seen in her wheelchair. What other musician would dare perform in a wheelchair? Hell, Bono and crew cancelled their entire 2010 summer tour this year because Bono’s bad back. LAME Bono.

Peaches has much bigger balls than you, my friend.

So behold! The kinky and the fanastical – The Wheelchair Show – (9 mins long) featuring a sexy naked tranny as a back-up dancer, funny backstage moments, and one of the most creative wheelchairs I’ve ever seen.

Peaches newly revamped show (which she’ll be doing for at least 6 more weeks as her tour progresses through Europe), makes my heart smile like a big dopey grandma.

Watch Peaches show how rockin’ a wheelchair is really done – here.