SCI Superstar: Mark E. Felling

The “mad scientist” of adapted technology, Mark Felling, Engineer, Patented Inventor and Founder of adapted gear profferer Broadened Horizons, is a quadriplegic on a mission.

Ever since crashing his experimental plane a decade ago, he’s been determined to use his engineering skills to make his life, and other’s like his, easier.

Several life-changing technologies for people with disabilities have been invented by Mark, and he continues to create more each year, all to empower people with disabilities.

From a powered tenodesis hand splint he calls the “Power Grip” to some of the best adapted video game equipment ever made, this is the story of Mark Felling, the man who never stops dreaming. Read this entry

9/2/10: Podcast 68: Mark Felling, the quad mad scientist returns

Tiffiny talks about finally seeing Lady Gaga live, and Mark Felling of  Broadened Horizons returns, a quadriplegic engineer who’s created some exciting new products to add to his already stellar line of environmental controls and accessible gaming systems.