Finally Learning Wheelchair Dance

We’ve seen videos of awesome wheelchair dancers before, but up until now there have never really been that many videos showing quite how it’s done. You can guess, maybe put two and two together if you took dance classes as an able-bodied person, but learning how to look really good while you dance in a wheelchair is no small feat.

That’s why we here at SPINALpedia love the internet. There are always new videos being published online, and a few recent ones finally show the world how to wheelchair dance.  If you’ve always wanted to learn, but don’t have classes anywhere near you, you will love the wheelchair dance videos below. Read this entry

Podcast 96: Annette Hormozian

In podcast 96, Tiffiny is joined by Annette Hormozian, a wheelchair ballroom dancer from California who’s been dancing her entire life, both before and post injury (she was injured 24 years ago when the car she was riding in went off a cliff). Annette grew up doing belly dancing and traditional Assyrian dance, but transitioned to ballroom dance a couple years ago.

In this episode Tiffiny and Annette discuss how she got back into dance and finding her self-esteem after her injury, why dance is an opportunity to erase stereotypes and her recent journey into wheelchair ballroom dancing. She even won 1st place last year at the American DanceWheels Foundation’s 1st Annual Wheelchair Dance Competition (at Cheryl Burke’s Mountain View studio) last year, winning the power wheelchair division.

Annette also shares her secret for keeping her dress out of her wheels while she dances (not easy!), how wheelers can regain their confidence and more importantly, how people interested in wheelchair ballroom dance can try it out themselves.

Listen below. Run time is 55 minutes.

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