Dating On Wheels: Dating newbie with CP afraid to say she’s disabled

Dear Tiffiny,

Hi, my name is angel and I’m a 19 yr old college student in Buffalo. Many of my friends have had a dating life; some are engaged. It always made me feel socially behind. I felt like i’d be in the “always a bridesmaid , never a bride situation.” I’m tired of that now. So I’m gonna try dating now.

Would you date another wheeler?

I had a guy in a wheelchair write me the other day asking if I’d ever date another wheeler.  He wasn’t hitting on me. He just wanted to know my opinion (and for good reason too).

He was on a disability message board and this question was being bantered about. Much to his surprise, most of the wheelers said they’d never date another person in a wheelchair. He was appalled at the hypocrisy. Yes this is hypocrisy bro. I don’t blame you for getting annoyed.

But I’ve long known about this attitude; an attitude that is very prevalent in the wheelchair-using community.  It’s an understandable and practical mindset to have. I’m usually 98% in this camp as well, to be honest.  And not too long ago – I was 100% against dating guys in wheelchairs. Read this entry