Meeting Chris Kluwe

I had an amazing opportunity two weeks ago. I was asked to be part of an evening filming for a documentary being made.

The doc is on life after SCI in Minnesota and why we need to fund SCI research (the end goal of the documentary is to get a bill passed where drunk driving fines will go to research. Similar bills have been passed in Mass, NJ and Cali). View the petition for the Bill SF2417

And even though that in itself was really cool (myself, and two other guys with SCI were invited), we had tacos, there was a whole film crew there so that was pretty exciting…Chris Kluwe, the outspoken Vikings punter (NFL for those unawares) was there.

Parenting rockstars on wheels

Watch a quadriplegic paint his daughter’s toenails with mouth! (don’t worry he’s a mouth painter, so he knows what he’s doing).

Also, see how a paraplegic picks up her 10 month old from her chair, watch UK disabled actress Kelly-Marie Stewart talk about “invisible mums” (including her).

And you gotta meet Steve Laux, quadriplegic & winner of the Reeve Foundation’s Best Dad on Wheels for 2012! Read this entry

Sometimes you just need to be a zombie

You have no idea how fun it is to dress up like She-Ra (’80s cartoon character, sister of He-Man).

I’m usually known as “She-Ra in a wheelchair” (instead of just She-Ra) whenever I do it. It kinda pisses me off, but what do you do, the large glaring power chair cannot be ignored. I have never let it stop me though.

Some of the happiest moments I’ve had since becoming paralyzed have happened while I’ve been dressed up. Also, check out the awesome Zombie Pool Party photo montage featuring three zombified women w/ disabilities. Read this entry