SCI Superstar: Jenny Addis

Don’t be fooled by Jenny Addis’ sweet smile and gentle demeanor, or even the fact she’s a Midwestern lady from Wisconsin. A quadriplegic for nearly 20 years, Jenny is one of the loudest trailblazers in Wisconsin’s disability community.

The founder of “This Is How We Roll” fashion show, a fundraiser for spinal cord injury research, as well as an outdoors lover who won the 2011 National Park Service Award for her work on creating accessible trails in Wisconsin, Jenny’s wheels barely rest and that’s exactly how she likes it. Read this entry

Podcast 98: Jen Addis – motivational speaker & TV host

In podcast #98, Tiffiny invites the dynamic Jen Addis on the show. A C5-6 quadriplegic from Hancock, Wisconsin who’s been a mover and a shaker in the spinal cord injury community since her injury.

Three years after her injury, Jen entered the Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin pageant, winning it and setting off her motivational speaking career at the same time. Now 13 years later, Jen has become an amazing speaker and is branching out onto TV; a natural fit for the sunny disposition she emanates literally inside and out. She is also a blast to listen to.

Check out the podcast and listen as Jen and Tiffiny talk about her injury and how she was able to reinvent herself. Also, they talk about an awesome fashion show coming up, This Is How We Roll, in Wisconsin this October. They’re looking for 50+ fashionable women, men, kids of all ages. You can get a model application by visiting Jen’s site for the event here, Inspiration Speaks.

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Show run time is 54 minutes. Listen in the player below.

Links from the episode

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