SCI Superstar: Matt Scott

Look close…chances are you might recognize Matt Scott. By far one of the most accomplished wheelchair basketball players in the world, he’s been winning international wheelchair basketball cup titles since 2008.

He’s also a medal-winning Paralympian, a former Nike spokesperson and a nominee for an ESPY Award. It’s no understatement to say his life has been completely transformed by wheelchair-basketball, and the best part – he’s just a kid from Detroit.

From the Paralympics to kicking butt and taking names playing wheelchair basketball in Turkey, Matt has gone international with his superstardom. Read this entry

SCI Superstar: Victoria Arlen

Rock your disability,” a famous quote by Victoria Arlen pretty much sums up the personality of this hardcore adaptive athlete, who was paralyzed by transverse myelitis when she was 11.

She made a giant splash in the Paralympic world last year when she won four medals in swimming at the London games breaking all kinds of records, and she also does modeling and motivational speaking on the side.

While some unfortunate drama has put Victoria Arlen back in the news disputing the permanency of her paralysis, Victoria Arlen has no plans to abandon her love of athletics. Read on to learn more about this 19 year old beauty from Exeter, New Hampshire who’s forged an amazing life since becoming paralyzed. Read this entry